Eco Marine Mission

We are dedicated to contributing to the improvement and preservation of our fragile San Francisco Bay’s ecosystem in the following ways:

Eco Marine Pump-out Services will, 

  1. Donate 5% of our net revenues to bay-conscious organizations. Save the Bay, Point Blue Conservation, BayEcotarium, San Francisco Bay Joint Ventures, and other impactful agencies.
  2. Plan to provide low-income pump-out fee program for boat owners unable to pay market rates.
  3. Monitor and implement new methods in sewage treatment to mitigate sewage toxicity.
  4. Educate boat owners through our website and our brochures. The “how to’s” of maintaining and regularly checking their heads (toilets), flushing mechanisms, holding tanks, filters, vents, plumbing hoses, and fittings. 

Ultimately, performing these tasks will help minimize the likelihood of incomplete pump-outs, boat owner frustration, and holding tank overflows that force raw waste through vent filters and hoses right into the bay! When a plumbing problem is suspected by Eco Marine Pump-Out Services, we will refer our customers to qualified and experienced marine plumbers. 

We are very proud to offer our services from a Pro-Line 20 Sport, in pristine condition. She is well maintained and outfitted with the best brand-new pump-out equipment available. This will be the nicest pump-out boat on the Bay. We are overjoyed to step up and provide a vital and essential service to Sausalito and North Bay boat owners, while also helping to restore and protect the Bay! 

If you share our mission and vision, together we can make a difference!